Taliyah – Rhabdomyosarcoma

Today, we hear from Maryrose, mum to Taliyah. She tells us of her daughter’s initial rhabdomyosarcoma symptoms, how she has fought the disease, and how she now likes to help others too. Taliyah, is now 10 years old and lives in the USA.

Taliyah, was just 7 years old when diagnosed, and her first symptom was a ‘stuffed-up’ nose, with loud breathing, snoring and sleep apnea.

Taliyah, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma just one week after her 7th birthday. Her first symptom was a “stuffed up nose”, which was causing loud mouth breathing and snoring. When we noticed that she was also experiencing sleep apnea, I took her to ‘urgent care’. We were told that it was the worst case of enlarged adenoids that her doctor had ever seen. She was scheduled for surgery a few days later; the day before her birthday. Eight long days later, we were given her cancer diagnosis.

She endured 46 weeks of chemotherapy, 5 1/2 weeks of radiation, 5 surgeries, and over 60 transfusions. She earned over 1100 Beads of Courage during 11 months, being dubbed the ‘Warrior Princess’. Despite the horrible treatments, Taliyah, kept a positive attitude and loved trying to cheer up others around her. One of our projects was sprucing up the ‘Broviac clips’ the hospital gave out [in the UK, we generally hear Hickman line or CVC, rather than ‘Broviac’. But, these are the clips associated with these lines, which although slightly different, have the same purpose].

Since being off treatment, she has organized a toy drive each Christmas for the children’s hospital, she volunteers with a local cancer support group, ‘Pink Heals’, as a Junior Guardian, and she helps raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research. Taliyah, also loves church; especially when she gets to volunteer with younger kids, cheerleading, singing and creating things.

Taliyah’s ‘toy drive’ for the children’s hospital.

We are very grateful to Maryrose for allowing us to share her daughter, Taliyah’s, story with us, and we send all our love and best wishes to Taliyah and her family.

Ziggy Zoo and Betty Too.

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