“Giving A Voice To Childhood Cancer Awareness!”

May I just ask you this one question?

‘If your child, or a child within your family, was seriously ill, would you do absolutely everything within your power to help?’

I think we all would, wouldn’t we?

Our son was one of the ‘lucky’ ones, as he puts it. He has had cancer twice. Firstly, in 2006, aged 6, and again in 2014, aged 14. He is currently in remission, and has no evidence of the disease. ‘Lucky’, because he was initially diagnosed very late, in 2006, and almost died. ‘Lucky’, because in 2014, we were aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for, and diagnosis came that much quicker, almost certainly saving his life.

This is why we started fundraising for childhood cancer. And, it is why we now need to get the message out there, loud and clear, that raising awareness of childhood cancer, and getting an early diagnosis, will save lives.

We would really love your support for our new Internet Radio Station, which will give a voice to childhood cancer awareness.

But, it’s not just about childhood cancer. That’s just what we are raising awareness of. And, when we say awareness, we don’t mean making people aware of cancer itself. We all know cancer. It is more so that people can spot the symptoms of cancer in a child, and get an early diagnosis. Because, as we have said before, awareness and early diagnosis saves lives.

We hope to attract a wide range of listeners, through chat, comedy, current affairs, and the best music variety programming.

Through radio, we can raise awareness of childhood cancer, support those affected by cancer, and provide a platform for families of children with the disease, or the children themselves, to get their message out there.

The statistics on childhood cancer may be sad to read, but, we do need to mention them:

– 11 children will be diagnosed with cancer today. Between 3 and 4 children will not survive!

– Cancer is the biggest medical cause of death in children in the UK!

– In 80% of children, at diagnosis stage, cancer will have spread to other parts of their body!

– Just about 1 pence in every 1 pound of research funding goes towards childhood cancer. That’s the equivalent of you, or I, working for 40 hours, at £7.50 an hour, earning £300, but only taking home £3 per week!

– Just 3 drugs have EVER been licensed specifically for childhood cancer. That compares to 77, in just 6 years, that have been licensed for adult cancer!

You can see why it is vitally important to us to get the ‘awareness’ message circulated.

There are already a number of Websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc, getting the ‘awareness’ message across. But, with radio, we can tap into others too, who may otherwise miss out on the written content. We can gain much needed awareness, and help to ensure that every child has the best possible chance of survival.

But, we cannot do it alone! We need your help!

We need your help now, as lost time equates to lost lives. We aim to start running live programming from Spring 2018, and though we would love to start much sooner, we would rather be realistic than over-ambitious.

Any profits from the radio station will go to supporting the following registered UK charities, and our aim through the programming, will be to direct any financial donations to these charities.

-Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust [Reg. UK-1167783].

-CLIC Sargent [Reg. England/Wales-1107328; Scotland-SC039857].

And, we will be raising awareness of childhood cancer, with:

-Glow Gold September.

If you are able to help at all, in any way, then we would be extremely grateful. If you would like to find out more about this project, then please let us know via our contact form.

Your help to raise awareness, will make a life saving difference to many children.

Thank you so much 🙂

Ziggy Zoo Radio