Hannah – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Today we are sharing Hannah’s story by her Mum, Allison.

Hannah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at 11 months old, on 23rd March 2016. She was in and out of hospital during the 9 months of intensive chemotherapy, she is now 9 months into maintenance treatment, thankfully she’s coping quite well and we’re hoping this can continue until end of treatment.

Was it quite easy to get a diagnosis or were there delays?

It was 13 days, between going to the doctors and getting a diagnosis. Her symptoms were bumps on her head and bruising all over, they did thorough scans, blood tests and a biopsy. This was an urgent matter, to rule us out as the cause. Her blood results didn’t show anything sinister, but the biopsy did.

That was very quick. It is not always the case though is it? It sounds like such an awful time for you. It is good that Hannah was dealt with so quickly though!

No, I’ve heard some parents have had to go back and forth with doctors for five months or more, although it hurt they thought it could be us (they thankfully put it low on the list of reasons, but had to check), I’m glad it meant they took her symptoms seriously.

I am thankful that although [the lumps] look really bad, they didn’t seem to cause her any pain. When they had to touch them to examine her, she didn’t flinch at all.


We are very grateful to Allison for telling us all about Hannah and letting us share her story to help raise awareness. We send her and her family our very best wishes, and hope that Hannah continues to progress well with her treatment.

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