Finley – Wilms’

Finley was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour (Kidney Cancer) on Friday 13th February 2015, when he was just eight months old.

His Mum, Donna told us about his early symptoms…

[Finley was] ….unsettled, agitated, vomiting, and when he cut his finger, the bleeding took longer to stop than it should have done; he just didn’t want to lay on his back. He ended up in hospital, overnight, at 4 months old, as he was crying in pain continuously. But, he was only diagnosed with reflux. He was under a consultant for a few more months for reflux, but they weren’t listening to me, even when I mentioned I thought there was a problem in his abdominal area. Finally, during a trip to A & E (due to Finley vomiting and not keeping anything down), a young doctor discovered the mass. We had an ultrasound, and then, discovered the tumour.

His treatment included chemotherapy and surgery…

Finley needed four weeks of chemo prior to surgery, then surgery to remove his left kidney and the tumour.  Then, as he was stage one, but high risk, he had 29 weeks of intensive chemotherapy, including Vincristine, Actinomycin D and Doxorubicin.

Finley is now almost two years in remission, but has some side effects from the chemotherapy and only having one kidney…

  • Finley has heart echocardiograms, because there is a small chance the Doxorubicin could have damaged his heart.
  • Possible infertility.
  • Nerve pain and other problems.
  • Can’t take ibuprofen, and has to be careful to remain hydrated due to only having one kidney.

He is doing well at the moment, but tires easily, and has stomach pains. If he catches a virus, it hits him hard.

Finley has regular scans every 3 months.

Donna added that their consultant said that often Wilms’ is symptomless, apart from the mass, but this wasn’t the case for Finley.

Thank you Donna for allowing us to share Finley’s story. We wish him and your family all the very best.

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Camdyn – Wilms

Tamsyn told us about her superman, Camdyn. He was diagnosed with stage 3 Wilms at the age of 5 years old…

Camdyn had weight loss, pale in skin colour, and unexplained fevers and an abnormal swelling in the upper abdomen just below his ribcage.

The tumour was displacing his organs. It was very hard to diagnose as first he was diagnosed with Kwashiokor ( malnutrition) which was very hard to believe. He was in hospital for a week before diagnosis undergoing CT scans, ultrasounds and blood tests. The actual diagnosis came after 3 months of being incorrectly diagnosed.

He had 4 weeks of chemotherapy and them major surgery to remove his right kidney and the tumour weighing 395g (slightly less than a jar of jam) on the 22 Jan 2015. He then had to have 6 days of radiation (spinal and abdominal). He had another seven months of weekly chemotherapy (Vincristine, Dactinomison, Epidoxiribicin). He was very, very sick, but, is now thankfully cancer free for two years…

We are grateful to Camdyn and his family for letting us share his story, and we wish him all the best for continuing good health.



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